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» Jeu des 2 heures 08/2017
Aujourd'hui à 8:08 par Bertje

» Azylum Bon anniversaire
Dim 7 Jan 2018 - 23:54 par Sire Maou

» Jeu des 2 heures 08/2017
Sam 23 Déc 2017 - 5:30 par Bertje

» Un de plus, avec espoir. Encore un anniversaire. 12 ans.
Sam 18 Nov 2017 - 2:24 par Dame Titia

» Anniversaire Sire Karbit
Mer 8 Nov 2017 - 20:18 par Bertje

» jeu des 2 heures
Lun 31 Juil 2017 - 16:25 par Sicnarf le débauché

Mer 28 Juin 2017 - 8:13 par Sicnarf le débauché

» Taurus
Dim 11 Juin 2017 - 13:56 par Sicnarf le débauché

» Biographie de GRIBOUIL
Sam 3 Juin 2017 - 17:33 par Sire Maou

» Activité des joueurs [Crusader]
Jeu 11 Mai 2017 - 16:35 par Sicnarf le débauché

» L'historique du règne des deux heures...
Sam 25 Fév 2017 - 10:24 par Sire Maou

» cricri
Sam 18 Fév 2017 - 17:37 par seigneur cricri

» jeu des 2 heures
Ven 3 Fév 2017 - 22:36 par Sire Maou

» La quête du Graal : Sicnarf le Débauché
Jeu 19 Jan 2017 - 18:16 par Sicnarf le débauché

» Azylum
Mer 11 Jan 2017 - 21:06 par Sire Maou

» Ashmir de Nouveau Templiers
Lun 21 Nov 2016 - 21:45 par Bertje

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To begin, I wanna saythat I ain't so good in English and I've done my best. If anybody wanna correct me, it'ld be welcome.

The team "LesTempliers" wasmade the November 14th of 2005 in succession to the old team "TLOTD" made in 2004. This is a frenchteam and the only restriction to be a member of it is to be able to speak french, while this doesn't stop our community from having people from all around the world (but mostly from France & Canada)! There is no leader among us, but we do have administrators who manage the forum.

The founders of thisclan are Assmatik and Razion (former SHC players).
As said earlier, thereis no leader among us, so when a decision has be made, a vote is taken between all the team's members. Les Templiers has been fighting for more than 5 years! But maybe you never heard about us because, for the most part of it, we've been playing on private server on Hamachi. We've discovered Gameranger about 2 years ago and most of us are now using it!

We're mainly acommunity of Stronghold Crusader and our forum has a great deal of members, witch makes our particularity. When we were on Hamachi (in a closed world), we made inside teams (as divisions) among Les Templiers' team. Each member had a team to be part of in the "Crusade of Hyparion", a great event organised by our community. Unfortunatly, the event was cancelled due to the very big work implied (creating tons of maps shaped has a country... It was like a very big risk game... You can see it there : )

There aren't manythinga translated in English on the forum, so you can always try to use the google translator but we're perfectly aware of his lack of effectiveness and misfunctions.